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A Panoramic Video Viewer supporting Virtual Reality and Head Tracking

Embedded Video on a Static Website

This can just be a regular website... The video player below is the Kaltura HTML5 player.

This website is statically hosted! All the work is done in a Javascript plugin.

Suggestions for speech recognition: suggest that you want to visit the window, kitchen, or server room...

Please allow the website to access your camera if you want to see head tracking in action...

Available Videos

Features of the panorama viewer


Thank you to Kaltura for hosting the Video Experience Hackathon where this plugin was written. And to the many open source libraries I used, in particular Headtrackr.js, Oculus Street View, vr.js, and three.js.

Thank you to Mike Kintner at 360Heros and Richard Ollier from Giroptic for graciously agreeing to provide 360 panoramic videos which they agreed I could use in my presentation. Especially I would like to thank Mike for the extraordinary effort he made staying up until 3AM to provide some amazing videos from his collection that have become the core of the video library on this website. Please take a look at and (and the currently active Giroptic Kickstarter campaign).